After declaring to daily paper Le Parisien that she has never voted for the left wing in France and that she will keep on working for humanitarian causes such as the battle against illiteracy, keeping away from often violent politics: the Première dame retrieves her guitar and plans to publish a new album.
Her fourth, as a mysterious friend reveals to the French daily: “It will be a very folk-sounding album.”

The release date is reportedly scheduled for next fall, quite probably in September. Is she also planning to go on tour? Impossible, especially because 2012 is approaching, which for France means that the presidential elections are getting closer. Fans are already discussing the album’s highlights: Raymond could be the title of a track, the parody of presidential life, and a song may be also dedicated to the unusualtheme of national identity.

After “Comme si de rien n’ètait”, the 2008 album that sold 400,000 copies only in France, Carla is back!