World Press Photo 2010, the winner is Jodie Bieber

The World Press photo of 2010, one of the most coveted prizes by photographers, has been awarded to a South African freelance photojournalist, Jodi Bieber.

Jodi Bieber, 44, captured Bibi Aiesha, a mutilated Afghan woman who is on the cover of the July 2010 Time Magazine. Aisha had had her nose and ears sliced off because she fled from an abusive relationship from a Taliban fighter. She was originally given away by her family because they had a “blood debt” at a very young age- a tradition that is still practiced in the country, although it is not legal.

Bieber has won the prestigious award a total of eight times since 1998. She has also published books on South African and is affiliated with the Institute for Artist Management/Goodman Gallery.

Jury members chose the picture because of its potential to become iconic.

“This could become one of those pictures – and we have maybe just 10 in our lifetime – where if somebody says ‘you know, that picture of a girl’ – you know exactly which one they’re talking about,” said David Burnett, jury chairman of Contact Press.