Flyng to the Adventure!

Baruk ata adonai eloeinu er bakok
Hebrew prayer for Good Trip

May 31st 2012

I’m flying finally and starting this amazing experience!
Last night I organized a kebab dinner and a drink to celebrate my departure and to say Goodbye to some friends who are leaving too and I don’t know when I’ll meet them again. Obviously I ensured will be finishe  at 11pm , because tomorrow I have the wake up call at 4am, above all I haven’t got the car so I must take the coach to my home and the last is at midnight. The good intention was shot down when Elio told me that he can give me a lift, RESULT? I arrived at home, as always, at 1 am.

The travel anxiety doesn’t help me sleep at all and I roamed between the bathroom and the kitchen in case maybe I forgot something  important, NOTHING! I switch on the computer to check for the last time the my) email and Facebook and I try to sleep, but I have thousands of’ideas in my mind. At 4am my dad called me and I pretended to stretching and I got up immediately!

My dad’s face is like “The mask” when looking at Cameron Diaz, it was so surpriseding that I got up so immediately. “I’m dreaming or I’m awake?”he asked, pinching his arm. He isn’t wrong, usually before I get up my father must call me almost three times and sometimes he must resort to extreme ways like throwing a glass of water in my face! Horrible wake up!
I had a big breakfast as Sunday Easter Breakfast: melon, caffelatte ( all the coffee machine) , yoghurt with cereals, and bread and Nutella!
I planned diet, so I don’t feel guilty, I chose a grapefruit juice rather  than orange juice, there is less calories!
I open my bag almost ten times and I decide to add anothertwo books: one by my friends, Davide, and the other by my guru: Ricky Martin.
I put the luggage in the car , I say goodbye to my brothers that they are still sleeping and I give my mother a big hug. She whispers that she misses me and I kiss her as I would tell her that I miss her too. My father escorts me to Ciampino airport and during the travel he talks about the electricity that my family used. I say yes with my head but I swear in my mind because I wonder why he goes so slow, just 80km/h when the highway is completely free?And moreover sometimes put the foot down if he goes at 100 km/h as he is afraid he will get a fine. How patient!

We arrive at 6am on time and I have only 10 minutes before check in closes. I give my father a big hug while a policeman tell us that we stopped in the corner, my father try to explain but I ignored him and I took my luggage and I go with a Bridget Jones style step to check in. As usual for Ryanair there a long and single queue, so I pray the other passengers pass quickly because I have my flight soon. When I put the luggage on the belt to check in and I give to the hostess the reservation with the Identity card I checked the time: 6.09 am! One minute more and I would have missed the flight!
The hostess warn me that I have two kilos of excess so I take out all my books, one kilo less, It’s ok!

I slip in with the Paris Beauvais passengers whose have the flight ten minutes before mine and I rush to the gate, and I heard that the hostess called my name. When we arrive at the plane I do the gentleman thing, also with men, so I  have time to send my last and usual ” Good bye” text message to my friends, I recommended to keep in touch by email and by skype (even though, I have to be honest, I’m having problems with Skype, but I installed it again when I arrived in Stockholm)

As a good passenger I switched off my mobile phone when the hostess checked the ticket. I planned to sleep during the 3 hours(hour) flight, but you know as travel with Ryanair: they’re starting with hot meals reservation, then the beverages, then the dutyfree, then the lottery, then the second turn of beverages, and one more turn of beverage(s), I challenge anybody to try to sleep!
Anyway, with all these annoyances I write my last words until I set foot in Norway, we’re landing!!

Fabio Chiarini


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    1. travellaroundworld ha detto:

      ahahah Thanks Mim! Continue to follow me

  4. wow …. so inspired … Shalom achi …. 😉
    come to Indonesia 🙂

    1. travellaroundworld ha detto:

      I would like probably next trip!


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