Rygge…I’m sorry is not Oslo

A side trip with a mix of Grumpy and Sleepy …
is priceless!
385 kr Norska = 50 euros

I have an appointment with Mats at 13.00. Mats is a Norwegian guy I met through CouchSurfing site, a site that allows you to find accommodation, a sofa (the word exactly as it says Couch), but often also a guest room, without having to pay for accommodation.
Also, friendships are made, because they all have one thing in common: a passion for travel.

He would have reached me by scooter wherever I am at 1pm!Lucky me!

Upon landing at Rygge airport, I went to the information center and I asked for a map of the city to study the best places to visit during the trip by bus and where the bureau de change is.
Unfortunately at that airport there is neither a bureau de change nor maps of downtown Oslo, then as most of the planes Ryanair fly to secondary airports far away from the center. Rygge actually was not part of the Oslo area and therefore did not have a map. However, for the change, if I bought something, the cafeteria at the airport would have accepted euros and would give me the rest in Norwegian Kroner.
I went to the bar, actually I really need a coffee, double espresso, though despite with milk, seemed “artichokes juice”.

I gave the lady a sweet look, and she change me 40 euros, no more, but finally, it’s enough for two days.
The Last Famous Words: I gave her 40 euros, which is equivalent to 300 Norwegian kroner and only the coach to go to the city center cost 150.

Moreover, the controller, probably Pakistani or Indian, was so rude he made me sit at the front row, as if I were in detention, where there was a gentleman who was already asleep. Lucky him, I wonder how he does it!

Behind me there was some little old ladies who were gossiping about shopping that they were going to do when they would arrive in town, but after less than five minutes, Sleepy”, the man seat close to me he made SCIIII to silence,  so all the coach was in silence  all the trip. I turn to the old ladies, with the same expression of movie Scream, beg for help. The old ladies shrug and look at me with pitying eyes.






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