Just Say “Hello” to the Royal Family!

Finally I arrive to the bus station and I keep my luggage  in a box for 40 crowns. Dam, I have just 50 more!

I go to railway station and when I exit I see a nice square with in the Centre a tiger statue. I take some pictures, in particularly because there are some kids who play with her teeth and tail.

In front of the tiger there is a Touristic Office, so I take all the depliant about the city, may be too much, but whatever…the culture must be heavy!

I take information about theater show, the best sightings, the museums and what’s on in Oslo.

I take the number and I hold on my turn.

The lady in the office show me where we are and the best and simple way to enjoy the most important monuments and museums.

Some museums are quite interesting, like the Viking Museum and TIKI museum but unfortunately a little bit far and I shall take the boat to join them.

I go to the main road and I see the cathedral just outside, then I continues to a avenue where are a lots of clothes shop and local restaurants.

In a  crossroads I find in a pentagonal building where are to lion statues, I skirt a garden where the center is a bald head, which it seems the photos of Robert MABBELTORPE.

I sit for a moment to browse some free magazine that I took during the trip, in case there was something interesting for local display , exhibitions, events of all kinds, but nothing interesting. I go straight away, I see in the distance a building full of fountains. I ask a girl who gives flyers if that is the Parliament building and she nods. It’s 13.00 and I receive a text message from Mats and asked where I am and I tell him to meet up in front of the Parliament.


I walk as a pilgrim to the palace and I see a horde of toddlers going in the same direction. Arriving at the “Mecca” I realize that the wave of the kids that he was following me is nothing compared to what is in that square. It seems that all Norwegian schools are there, I’m curious why, especially because more and more I get closer I notice that seems to happen an event important enough. In fact when I approach the building I see many cameras and photographers. Shortly after I heard a band approach led by two Amazons on horseback and so many soldiers. At the beginning I think it is simply the changing of the guard, but for confirmation I turn around and ask a lady what’s happening, but unfortunately she doesn’t speak English and she answered in Norwegian. I try to block her and I try to tell her that I don’t speak Norwegian, so she tries to explain with gestures speak more slowly, indicating the Parliament. Broadly speaking I think I understood a word even if it confuses me. From what I understand today is celebrated the king’s birthday or the anniversary of the reals. He confuses the word UNION, it probably is the anniversary of marriage or perhaps of crowing. The thing that makes me wonder is if it is the monarch, Why in the Parliament and not in the Royal Palace?

The answer is soon revealed when Mats tries to call me and tell me that is before the Parliament, but does not see me. I try to look better, tell him I’m on the steps of a statue of the knight, but doesn’t understand … and that’s I understand that I’ m not in front of the Parliament, but in the Royal Palace!

The Parliament it was at 5 minutes from the Royal Palace, where they were exactly where I was the first statues of lions.

In the meantime I enjoy the changing of the guard. Finally I meet  Mats and look around and ask him if he knows something. Indeed he tells me that it is the birthday  both of the King of the Queen. Still I knew then what does “union”, perhaps in Norway will mean both, or perhaps even the lady knew what should be celebrated!

It’s 2 pm, but before have  lunch I see that the cameras and photographers are all a bit rough and ready to take pictures, so I ask my friend if we can wait two minutes, I feel something is going to happen!

In fact, after a few minutes the window of the largest royal palace that overlooks the square open, and here overlooking the entire royal family greeting thanking the warm congratulations of the crowd waving the Norwegian flag with pride! It seems to be a fairy tale: King and Queen, the crowd … it’s great to see the Norwegian Royal Family, it’s to be added to the list of experiences of this trip!

Fabio Chiarini


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  2. Kyle ha detto:

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but
    instead of that, this is wonderful blog. A great read.
    I will definitely be back.

    1. Fabio Chiarini ha detto:

      thank you kylie did u read the rest?
      Keep to reading…and finger crossed for one day maybe you will read by paper;)


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