United Bakery Addicted

Next Stop: Lunch! We go to United Bakery, a Norwegian chain where serve coffee, bread, sandwiches and desserts … a bakery / café!
We take the last sandwiches, because lunch time is long past. Usually they have lunch between 11am and noon. I chose the one with Serrano ham and brie with apple juice and, of course, coffee.
We sat out even though it was a little bit windy, but it was sunny and a little porch was very comfortable for us. Mats works in the field of Marketing and advertising for a year and worked in Spain, in Madrid. He explained to me that at the beginning it was perfect because it was being paid for by a Norwegian company and he received the Norwegian salary, but the company was sold to a company and his Spanish salary is now 800 euros. His rent cost him 700 euros, so he returned to Norway.
I nodded while he explained his experiences and I explain that also in Italy we are in bad economic shape, if not worse! I explained that some of my friends are doing training for 300 euros per month in well know institutions, such as the City Hall in Rome, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Labor. They are working as slaves, and when the end of the internship is done, they are offered further training underpaid!
Finished eating, Mats takes me to the ancient ruins where in the Middle Ages there was the royal castle, abandoned by the union with Denmark, thus considering the castle the royal palace in Copenhagen for Norway.
In fact, the building is simple and modern Norwegian design and that’s why I confused it with the Parliament. Besides the fact that the girl gave me the wrong information … eh but what I do you expect from a girl ..and worst blonde?
We returned to the main street where he had parked his Vespa. Suddenly it pours, so ‘wait a while’ it stops raining. We met up the next day dung his lunch break. Afterwards, I came back to the same street we had lunchh, because I saw the copy shops and some art galleries.
In the copy shop I was told the cost to develop photos in forex, but the boy, somewhat new, gave me the email to contact the director and get an exact price.
Then I went to a photo gallery, but as soon as I entered, the photographer exposed pictures of well known VIP. Among the many famous faces were Meryl Streep, and Naomi Campbell. So I backed off and stepped into the next tunnel and at the corner, where I notice a very nice pub full of pictures. So I ask the girl working there if by chance they did photographic exhibitions. She takes me over to the owner. He introduces me to the boss, a guy with a Hawaiian shirt holding a pint of beer with a friend. I explain the project of photographic exhibition and he seems very interested and available, he asked me when I want it and for how long. So I leave my e-mail so we can agree.
I continue in the next gallery hopping like a little student!
I entered into another art gallery. I introduce myself to the secretary at the front desk, and while I explained my project to the girl, she seems interested in it, although they have reservations until 2014 and the photos will be assessed no earlier than 2013. I tell her that there is no problem because I am also very busy in 2013 (false as the death) so I look even more involved and she gives me her business card and I give her mine. Before I go look at the exhibits: there are pictures in black and white, futuristic sculptures similar to Vileda Mocho, and sketches. I feel confident.


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  4. Please keep continue.

    1. Fabio Chiarini ha detto:

      Actually is continued…that’s only the start;) If you go to English version there is a lot of post after this


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