Fittja Bazaar and Turkish style

We have eggs, toast, and jam for breakfast and then go shopping for a few household items. Fredrick mentioned last night that he needed to buy lamps. We go to a shop called Fittja Bazar where they sell furniture, lamps, home accessories, all of Turkish and Arabic style. Fredrick seems to like it; I don’t. He has a modern apartment; two paintings showing sport figures hang in the living area; the couch is of the ‘20s Egyptian style. It clashes with the modern apartment. The lamps and canopy beds I like, he looks at with distaste. He likes a horrible lamp: as tall as I am with a crystal handle and a suede leather shade. He checks the price: 300 Euros! They’d have to pay me to buy that lamp. Checking the exact height, he says, disappointed: “Oh no! It won’t fit in the car.” I rejoice. He looks at me, angry. But honestly, this is not a cause for serious conflict; it’s only a difference in taste.

He decides to buy 3 lamps looking like a Greek bronze vase; the shade is gray, matching the curtains. A minimum of matching! While we leave the bazaar he begs me not to tell anyone that we bought something at that store. His friends think it’s trash. I wonder why, but I fully agree with his friends!

We are invited to his sister’s birthday party at 15:00, so we have a snack at Max, a Swedish fast food where the burgers are purely Scandinavian. Fredrick confesses that he hates American fast food like McDonald’s or Burger King. The quality at Max is superior according to him. Actually the sauce is great and the burgers are tender, as opposed to those at McDonald’s that feel like cardboard. Before going to his sister Mary, Fredrick passes by Media Market, which has the same logo as our media world. I think it’s the same franchise, but the fact that it is translated makes me realize how we can be so impersonal in Italy. But then we think that the name is in English. Fredrick buys a 64 GB pen driver, pretty much the size of my hard drive! And as a gift for his sister, he buys her favorite music. As the perfect gentleman that he is, he also buys a bouquet of flowers.



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