Eurovision Party

100kr = 10 euros for the entrance to the club

 June 06th

03:30 pm

We get home just in time. Mark, originally from Finland, is rather like a Swiss for his punctuality. He arrives with a gift for the new apartment at 09:00, right on time! He rings the bell, we open the door. Mark is a colossus of nearly two meters, with a strong blond forelock. When we take pictures together I stand on tiptoes to reduce the evidence that I’m much shorter, though I am 1.78 cm tall—my id card proves it. Robyn, the bohemian, comes in about fifteen minutes later, in slippers, because he lives in the same building, across Fredrick’s apartment. Dark hair, with a bright smile and eyes like an Asian, he is temperamentally more like me; in fact we immediately establish confidence, talking about my trip and what I do in life. He takes a glass of red wine and looks around the apartment like Alice in Wonderland. “Wow! You’ve been here only two days and it’s already in better shape than my own apartment which I’ve been living in for two months!”

Fredrick smiles, but is not surprised. He had already mentioned that Robyn is a bit ditzy. Mark lives close by also, just up the street. The two guys work together in a restaurant; Mark is the manager while Robyn is a waiter.

After Fredrick has had several beers and Robyn and I have finished the bottle of red wine, we’re getting ready for the party. I decide to wear a vest that I bought in Ibiza; it’s really cool! Fredrick prefers to take a cab rather than the car, so he can drink as much as he want without the risk of being stopped. He sits in the passenger seat beside the driver and engages in a conversation with him; I sit in the back. We arrive at the club situated under the Slussen subway station at the waterfront. The theme of the party is “Eurovision songs” because Sweden won the Eurovision contest this year with the song “Euphoria;”  he evening is exclusively dedicated to Eurovision songs.

I see that the people are singing all the songs. In Sweden, Eurovision is very popular. On the contrary, for me, I watched Eurovision for the first time last year when I was visiting my friends in France. This year, I was in Rome; I watched it with my Greek friends. In Italy the show is not very popular. Most of my Italian friends don’t even know what it is. When the DJ plays Euphoria the crowd roars; they all love this song. Honestly, I like it too, but I feel a little bit uncomfortable because I’ve listened to it only once and I don’t know the words. When people see that I don’t sing like they do, they understand that I’m not Swedish. Fredrick loves the song by Cyprus “La La Love.”  It’s very nice, fresh, perfect for the summer time, and danceable. I like “Stay,” the song Norway and Serbia presented, but this it’s not ideal for dancing; it makes me dream. The intro melody sounds like “Paradise” by Coldplay. The Italian song by Nina Zilla is cute, but it’s not disco and, of course, very few dance on it . We meet Georgiof, a friend of Fredrick I’ve already met in Gran Canaria where we spent the holidays together. I’m really happy to see him and so is he! We hug each other; he asks how I’m going, and we start to dance together as in Gran Canaria. Meanwhile, Fredrick, a little drunk, tells me that he’s going outside for a smoke. When he returns he tells me he want to leave. I check my watch: 02:30. I suggest we stay a little bit more, until 03:00. I think it’s still early. He tells he wants to go to another place and that he will explain why outside.

We take a taxi and arrive at another club, the Naglo. It is definitely smaller, with more mature people and Swedish music from the ‘60s. The club closes at 03:00. We have time for only one drink and we are out. I ask him, a little disappointed, why we left the other place to come to this “hole.” He explains that he knows almost everybody at the first club, but unfortunately, tonight, the bodyguard was new. He saw that Fredrick was drunk and did not want to let him back in. Fredrick told the guard that he had a friend who did not have a cell phone and was not from Stockholm, so he had to get him. No way. The guard would budge. Luckily, another guy, in more serious predicament as far a alcohol intake, caught the guard’s attention and Fredrick slipped in the bar to get me. I told him that it all happened because he had gone out to smoke.

One more reason why I hate SMOKING!


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