The Father’s Sister Inger Part 2

house is small, but has a wonderful porch like  the one on Dawson Creek; it caught my attention. The ambiance is very pleasant: tiles in bright red with black lines that emphasize the color even more, a fireplace, and a clock in front of the door. I’ve seen it in all the Scandinavian countries; I love it!

The chalet is not made of wood but of brick with parquet. Inger serves me a  Tuscanian Novello wine. We speak about the chalet, the neighboring houses, and the low prices. Actually a house like that of Fredrick’s father costs half of what Fredrick spent for his apartment. The reason is that there’s nothing around, just nature. Besides, many houses are abandoned. People prefer to move to urban centers.

I tell her to give me three to four years and I will be their neighbor. Honestly If I had to choose to live somewhere I’d go for the cosmopolitan cities: Rome, Paris, New York, but I still would like a place to escape from the crazy and stressful life in the city, a place to relax. I could use it as a home for the Christmas holidays. I already see it: whizzing on the snow with my snow mobile, decorating the Christmas Tree with my family or my partner in front of the fireplace in winter, watching the midnight sun on the front porch!

Inger tells me that she the house is their home for the holidays and the Easter period when the weather is usually gorgeous. There was snow last Easter, but it was sunny all day and the girls really enjoyed the sun.  Oh that sounds so romantic and they are too cute together! Her stories make me want to stay there. Inger and Kikki would be my neighbors, Fredrick would come for the holidays, and Elna would make kanelbulle. Umhh! It’s a dream! Who wants to return to Italy? NOT ME!

I begin to imagine my own movie. It might be due to the wine: the bottle is empty. Who knows? I can see how nice it would be to spend a week here with friends or have a romantic week watching movies in front of the fireplace, or preparing Christmas dinner with my family and having an Italian and Swedish Christmas Eve! It would be nice here; one can really feel the Christmas spirit!

We go outside; it does not look like it’s after midnight but more like late afternoon. Happy… we take pictures to remember this unforgettable night.

We embrace strongly and make an appointment for breakfast. I’m amazed by the wonderful people that I have met. Unfortunately, the clouds bring down a little drizzle; the sun is still behind us though as we walk back home.

THE MIDNIGHT SUN—another unforgettable thing to add to my adventures!