Bye Bye Lapland!

Before leaving we stop in a square where there are sculptures of local animals: moose and reindeer! Despite the rain I climb on the sculptures and have a picture taken! I would have done it even if it had been hailing!

On the road we stop at a dock with a small house constructed as a traditional Lapp tent called Kata. Fredrick indicates that Kata is the samui translation, not to be confused with the Swedish, which means “horny.” It looks like David the Gnome’s house;  it has the circular base with a rooftop like the hat of the dwarfs. Across the street there is the inscription “Welcome to Lapland.” We are at the border of “Reindeerland,” leaving it. In fact, we see a group of reindeer across the street. For Fredrick it’s as boring as a flock of sheep, but for me, seeing them for the first time, it’s exciting and I imagine that sooner or later Santa will come out of the bush in his sleigh!

I feel ashamed that I have eaten reindeer meat but Fredrick cheers up me saying that they are silly animals and that sometimes they cause accidents as they cross  the highway. I take pictures of the landscape, endless birch and fir trees that had appeared as the background of the compilation of the Eurovision songs. As I listen to the Serbian song the melody of the violins carries me up through the trees, along the breaks of light; I try to capture infinity.

Although my favorite is the Norway song, “Stay,” the Swedish “Euphoria” creates a beautiful combination with the landscape, perfect for traveling!

Fredrick, in addition to the Cypriot song, discovers the San Marino song, “Social Network,” which talks about Facebook. I guess it will be the new summer smash for the old Russian ladies.