Travelling to Helsinki


We are on the ship that will take us to Helsinki, Finland. A one-day trip, we arrive tomorrow morning at 10:00 and set sail in the evening before returning Sunday morning. However Helsinki just one day to visit it, is not very large. As I write this we headed straight upstairs that is open and where there is a wonderful sun. I take this opportunity to take a little ‘color. Fredrick also enjoy sunbathing, so we sit at a bench and raise your chin leaving kiss from the sun. I take advantage of the intervals Fredrick sipping beer to write, why not stop for a moment. Do not get me wrong, everything he says is really interesting, by the way is an excellent company and I learn a lot of things with him, it seems an encyclopedia, but I need to concentrate on writing and listening if I get distracted.
In jokingly say to him: – Let me write! But he continues to speak without interruption.
This morning we got up quietly, we packed his bags though in the end it is a day and I helped arrange some boxes and we finally put the car in the garage, so Fredrick can feel comfortable, happy as a clam, as have a private car park in Stockholm is like having a house with swimming pool in Rome.
At about 15:00 we leave home and go to the port where we expect the ship to Helsinki. The journey takes 17 hours, passing through Ǻlland, an island between Sweden and Finland, but it is a state to itself, like San Marino, at a bureaucratic level do not pay taxes and the strange thing is that since the Ǻlland will ship to all
the shops inside the ship will not be put VAT.
For Fredrick who love to shop, does not miss this opportunity. In fact, as soon as the ship arrives on the island, Fredrick is at the grocery store and duty free opportunity to buy things of first necessity: a full trolley containing 4 boxes of beers, which tells me that just enough for the trip, a carton of cigarettes, two bottles of vodka and chocolate, all for the modest sum of 100 €!
We lay the trolley with the groceries in our cabin and take a ride on a ship that is huge! Entering looks more like a cruise ship: the seventh floor there is the reception with the Finnish mascot, and a promenade of shops, information desk, restaurants and cafes. It seems to be the Titanic, we hope to find no iceberg or to the end of the Concordia.
On the sixth floor there are two restaurants, including the buffet, where we have a reservation tonight. In addition there is the supermarket where we stayed before and it seems as if it were a supermarket any, where people will go shopping everyday, but instead to find in grocery bags eggs, bread and pasta, there we are bottles of gin, vodka, whiskey, cartons of cigarettes and packs of candy!
The eighth, ninth and tenth floor are the cabins, all ‘eleventh floor bar with a disco-style New York.
On the twelfth floor, the last, there is a terrace where I am now here are two outdoor bars, an indoor swimming pool for children and a whirlpool.
Along the way there are numerous islets, but inhabited, you can find castles, rural small houses or villas supermoderne. However, even the rural homes are coming to cost millions of euro. We pass in front of an island too small to be habitable, and that the droppings of the birds killed all the plants and trees that had grown up. Awesome!
The wind caresses me gently, sometimes slaps me like penguins of Vigorsol, especially when they are close to the edge to peer better islets.
I think back to Oslo, the framework of Andersen, I would be the pollen of the dandelion are traveling, the wind makes me enjoy the freedom and despite being passed just over a week, thanks to Fredrick I have lived many experiences and if this that’s just the beginning. I do not know what the fate in store for me, I do not know and I will find wonderful people like him, who I am certain is that despite its continuous talk owe it to him every single moment, every single experience, and frankly there are no words for expressing all first times and the findings of this unforgettable trip. I’m already back from Helsinki, a few hours, seven to be exact, but intense!