Swedish Buffet

I’m already back from Helsinki. We were only there for a few hours, seven to be exact, but it was intense! Fredrick is exhausted and resting, so I’ll take this opportunity to be inspired by looking out the window at the Baltic Sea.

But let’s start from yesterday evening at 8.00 pm Buffet Time!
Fredrick had warned me that it could be the EDEN for me … and it really was!

There were several tables: the first table was typical of Scandinavia:
– Kaviar, both red and black caviar
– Skangenröra shrimp salad
– Gravad fresh smoked salmon
– Räkor grilled prawns
– Köttbullar Swedish meatballs
-Finska Pannkakor crepes with currant jam, typical Finnish
– Stekt Kokt Lax och steamed salmon
– Sill herring with mustard or natural
Then there was the international table with sushi rolls, Italian dishes, dried tomatoes with mozzarella, Italian fricadelle.
In this regard, I finally discovered the secret! Both the restaurant and Lady and the Tramp have the wrong translation. Actually the correct translation in Italian is Polpette. Fricadelle is actually the Danish meatballs!
I make myself a Mexican taco, putting meat, lettuce, tomatoes, corn and guacamole, and as I usually do instead of taking the fries I choose a salad so I can make place for ALL the desserts: lemon cake, coffee, red fruits, and chocolate glasses into a pannacotta with berries that when you eat them melt in your mouth!
We sit beside a couple of Finns who were probably hippies in the 70s, because they still keep that style: the man has long hair, a denim shirt and brown pants.
They were surprised at my course and my looks and asked me where I’m from. When I say I’m from Rome they get more interested because they have decided on a romantic escape in Rome for their anniversary in September. They ask me what are the best places to visit, and if I can suggest some restaurants that are not touristic. I like to give good advice about my city and I give them all the tips possible: places, paths, restaurants, pizzerias and ice cream parlors!
They look at me like I was their hero. I like to give advice about my hometown because even though I love travelling, at the same time I’m proud of my city and of being Roman, so I want people to have the best memory of Roma possible, although I’m sure that with or without me they will!
After my advice, we talk about the political situation in Finland. They tell me it is not bad, but honestly the whole population had grown fond of the Ex-president, who reached the maximum presidency and then had to leave the presidency.
As soon as I finish my coffee I run to the cabin as if the ship was going to sink.
This is a word that I won’t forget easily, but after all I ate it was inevitable! Fredrick follows me laughing out loud and while they are in the bathroom, through the door,  he remember me the supermarket and in Lapland situation
After “the delivery” we walk around the ship and I can’t fathom the greatness of this ship. The promenade at the entrance looks like a shopping center and on the sides of the seventh floor there are two rooms: on the right a piano bar with jazz tables belle époque 20s with lamp shade on the tables and waiters in tails, and to the left Swedish-American style pub with small tables in wood and a Swedish man singing songs of his times with pride, with his hand to his chest, as if it were the national song.
We are curious about the floor where there’s the club: it’s called New York Floor cause the walls recall Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Broadway, the Empire State Building and Wall Street.
All this atmosphere makes me think that in a few days I will be really there, no posters, no imitation; my eyes are going to admire the original version! The more I look at the street signs painted on the walls, the more my desire to reach New York increases.
I try to hide the adrenaline for New York and I think about the present. Before we arrive in the Big Apple, I still have a few days in Scandinavia and I want to enjoy every single moment!
Most of people are sitting on the sofas and a group of Indian boys and a Viking are heavy metal dancing, a circus scene. I look, horrified, at Fredrick, who repays me with the same expression. I look around and discover that the rest of the room is shocked at the sight, too. I hope for their sake that they are on drugs or are drunk, because if that’s normal, it’s something to worry about!
Let’s go back to the cabin. I get on the bed on top of Fredrick’s bed, which he has already collapsed into after 10 minutes. I take advantage of the inspiration of the waves and especially of the free wi-fi.