Organic Food?!? In Helsinki there’s Hesburger!

On the ground floor you can find the most famous Finnish food, called Stockmann Herkku. At the Stockmann you can in fact find a selection of imported goods rivaled only by a Kauppahalli (covered markets) found in Finland. The selection of food is very wide and the quality is the best you can find in Finland. Departments are stocked fish, cheese and meat, as well as the oven / bakery is known for its wide selections. At Stockmann you can also find regional products from across Europe that are found nowhere else in Finland.
Next to the supermarket there is also the inevitable Alko, where you can buy alcohol above 4.9%. I really enjoyed the most important event of the store, where twice a year Stockmann is colored yellow for Hullut Päivät (literally Crazy Days ), which there are deal on hundreds of products scattered throughout the seven floors. Fredrick tells me it is amazing to note how amusing it is that during Hullut Päivät there is not one person in the center that does not have a yellow bag. Those two days

are the same as Christmas. They are also the only days when the Finns get in line early in the morning and wait for the opening of the store in order to win products and services, especially if the availability is limited. There are even deals on international flights.

We go down to the lower floor where there is “Hesburger” a chain of fast food in Finland. As usual, I commend the good taste of Fredrick especially because it is all written in Finnish and I only had 2 options: Either let Fredrick chose or throwing the coin!

Double cheeseburger, fries and a type of mayonnaise flavored with cucumber. It doesn’t sound healthy at all! However I remember that in Scandinavia there’s a culture of organic products and healthy eating! BUT WHERE??
The entry to Alexanderinkatu Stockmann is characterized by a clock that rotates on itself incessantly. This site is the favorite place of the inhabitants of Helsinki for rendezvous in the center. The square is a point of encounter, filled with people especially near the entrance and under the Stockmann Kello (Clock of Stockmann)!

Before leaving the mall, I stopped at the fragrances’ shop and I smeared the Dior face cream and sprayed generously Chanel Allure! Fredrick raises his eyes to heaven, and swore: “Oh my God, the Italian Boys!”