Preparation of Italian dinner!

I love the COOP! It’s a supermarket where you can really find everything you need. I remember in Rome, when I wanted to make a cheesecake I had to go to four supermarkets just to find the sour cream! The COOP is one place and has everything I really need. They even have the Savoiardi biscuits in two types: Sardinian or normal. I had put Savoiardi in my luggage just in case because I’d already planned to make the Tiramisu for Fredrick, but If I knew they had them here I wouldn’t have carried them from Rome. Before we get to the fruits and vegetables section, there are three other sections: one is Asian food, the other is Mexican food and then the Italian one. I also can’t forget to mention in refrigerators where you can find Italian, French, and Dutch cheeses along with Spanish and Italian cold cuts. When I promised to make an Italian dinner I was afraid that I wouldn’t find the ingredients, especially the mascarpone, which is a MUST for tiramisu, but as soon as I saw it next to the ricotta cheese I was reassured. For the ingredients of the sauce there is a little bit of misunderstanding on my part because it’s written in Swedish. Fredrick advised me to use the tomato paste and dilute it. I am bigoted, but I think the sauce should be done with the tomato

sauce. When I had lost all hope and had decided to use the tomato pulp I realized that, here in front of me was a wall of tomato sauce (which by the way is written in Italian). I was going so fast that my eyes resembled those of a robot. I was trying to sort through three thousand products per second and find the ones I needed. Now on to the next mission: search fresh basil and parsley! After finding them I can finally say: Mission accomplished! Among other things, I take one in one of those delicious jars. Fredrick can definitely put it on the balcony with the fake grass!

We come back home and as we pull out the products of the shopping bag, I put on the fire under the water to boil the potatoes for the gnocchis. This is because, unfortunately, Fredrick had only two pots at home, and so while I boil the potatoes, I take this opportunity to prepare the sauce. Fredrick helps me, so while I cut the

carrots, he cuts the onions (a wicked action, I know!) This will be the sauce for Supplì. As soon as the potatoes are boiled in the other pot I make more sauce for the gnocchi and ask him again, to cut the onions (yes I’m a double bastard!) Since I’m picky, I see that he is cutting them well and ask him to cut finer. He looks like he just finished crying as if he saw the scene of the Titanic when Jack breaks away from the raft that Rose was on. He now has two volcanoes instead of eyes, poor baby!
I Just finished making the risotto cold, so I leave to low fire under the sauce for the gnocchi and I start the dedicate work of making the pasta to gnocchi, and while even the dough for the dumplings is resting, I carry on getting the menu done instead of resting a bit too . Next step: Tiramisu.

Fredrick and I make a good team. While I mix the eggs, sugar and mascarpone, he is responsible for preparing the coffee for dipping the Savoiardi in and whipping the egg whites (the bastard has not abandoned me.)
In less than half an hour my masterpiece is already in the fridge and the sauce is ready. I have already prepared the rice ball, I have just to fry them at the moment and I prepared gnocchi. The preparation of the dinner is almost complete. Now the only thing missing is the cooking but I’m going to do that in a moment: