Italian dinner in Stockholm

A few lines before going to sleep: AMAZING DINNER!

Markus arrived on time, like a Swiss. The appointment was at 20.30 and at 20.28 he was already on the edge of the door. Robin, luckily more “Roman” arrived at 21.00 despite being on the other side of the building. Just then the supplì were warm.

The bruschetta I made a little on my own way, usually only made with tomato; I’ve added basil and fresh mozzarella, and when it came in contact with the warm bread, it was slightly melted, giving that racy feeling. Moreover, red tomato, white mozzarella cheese and green basil, is just right for the theme of the dinner. My little aesthetic details, that make the difference at the table!

While the boys tasted the appetizer, I threw the Penne pasta in the water, so that as soon as they had finished eating, I could immediately bring it to the table. Small obstacle: Gnocchi! I forgot to put in the flour and they were all stuck together, what’s attacking me in my fingers, looked like a yo-yo. Meanwhile I put on the pan to cook the gnocchi, the boys looked at me curiously. Fredrick asked me if I wanted any help, looking at me with a pained expression; there was the mess that I was doing in the kitchen, between the flour and the dough sticky gnocchi.

As soon as they were afloat, I fished them out like goldfish at a fair. At first my friends were a little bit hesitant, and if I have to be honest, I was too. It was the first time I had made them, but when I put the meal on the table, that beyond the aesthetic side, where sometimes you found a stock 4-5 of gnocchi put together or sometimes microscopic pieces; the result was delicious.

The Supplì, when I brought them to the table were hot. Its seems rather than the arancine ( it’s also rice balls but bigger), indeed, its looked like bombs ready to explode! I had just cooked a dozen, because I knew that the Swedes are not like the Italians, in fact, already after the dumplings, they were full. Actually the rice bombs should be almost twenty and its was enough for Italians ( four Italians I mean), so I put them in a container and I placed it in the freezer. Fredrick was explaining how to cook them, so that they can cook them another day. Remember this unforgettable day…with all this mess !! He would never really forget it!

It would have been a shame because for the final dish it was the tiramisu and I didn’t want any excuses for not eating it.

Despite their fill, at the sight of tiramisu, they were able to find a space in their stomach. As usual, I cook in industrial quantities and I made tiramisu not only for dinner, but I have prepared two cups for me tomorrow and Fredrick and a tray full for Kiki and Inger, and I  had promised them.

Actually, I told her that I would set aside two pieces, not a whole tiramisu, but these are details. The ancient Romans said: “MELIUS ABUNDARE QUAM DEFICERE” that’s I can be translated in “It’s better to overdo it than underdo it”

The same theory I have applied for the tiramisu, that I made for dinner, even though we were 4, I made  tiramisu for 8 people! You should always calculate, to give an encore. In fact, I figured wel,l because in the end it is still just a tiny piece. Markus, who said about being on a diet, he doesn’t speak so much, but it must say he called the encore for ALL the courses, I guess he liked. Robin instead he expressed  with his own MMMMMHHHH’s that were similar to the advertising of Sammontana ice cream; he definitely compared the tiramisu with an orgasm! OMG!

During dinner the boys were curious about what the Italians think about the new government and the religious power that could be in Rome and Italy.

We talked about the economic crisis in Italy, and how, despite Sweden being one of the nations with less debt, refused to give his help to the Norwegians in the search for oil. Now Norway, thanks to oil, is one of the richest European countries. As for the Vatican in Rome, I told him, that in spite of the Lateran Treaty, it still has the power to level moral values such as abortion, homosexual civil unions and stem cell research. The Swedish instead chanted for good legislative power and religions at the time of Gustav Vasa, and  the rise of Anglicanism.

At the end of the conversation Robin points out, that at a dinner you should not talk about Politics, Religion or Money … and accidentally we talked about all three! Ooops!

Translated by Peter Jamieson