A Five Star Prison and the Swedish Beach!


After busy days discovering European capitals I had not visited previously, and savouring the Italian traditions, it was finally a day to relax.

In fact, after a good sleep, I found accommodation in London and New York, then I updated to my friends, the adventures of these previous days. I chatted with my brother on Facebook, with the hope that he could tell to my parents, that all is going well. Even in the days before, when I had found my brother on Facebook and I had asked him if he had any news, there was No answer. So I decided to call home and listen to them. My intuition that my brother had not said anything to me on the previous days was confirmed, as to why he had not replied.

In the afternoon my friend and I took a walk to the centre so we could say hello to Fredrick’s best friend Martin, who works in a H&M store, when he is in Stockholm. I was rather curious to meet Martin, as I’d heard a lot about him, and apparently he is a” flightaholic”, who is worse than me! First of all, he has got three houses: one in Stockholm, one in Berlin and one in Istanbul and only with the rent from these houses, can he afford to travel. In Istanbul he was working as a translator. When he returned to Stockholm he worked for a Swedish clothing chain. He knew the owners, so that way he was able to have an extra job without problems. Fredrick told me that during the time he worked as shop assistant at H & M, he also studied and they met there.
Martin is tall, light-skinned with brown hair, but the features are typically Swedish: green eyes and a pointed nose that looks like the face of a fox. It may seem like a criticism, but it’s actually a compliment.

Martin warmly embraced me, telling me that he was anxious to meet me and that he had heard much about me. I said the same thing, because Fredrick had told me a lot about Martin; he’s his best friend and I wanted to meet him. Unfortunately we did not choose the right time, as after a few minutes talking about the apartment, Martin had to return to the cash desk and so we had to say goodbye.

Before headingback home Fredrick wanted to show me the gay beach in Stockholm. Obviously the weather is not the best, to take a swim, but just the curiosity of discovering some of the gay places in Sweden, interested me.
We arrived in the large parking lot of a hostel, which in my opinion could be a 5 star hotel. To think that it was once a prison – amazing. I must admit that it is now a hotel, the prisoners would nothave fared so badly.

We crossed a dense grove obscured by shrubs; a glimmer of light shows us the oldgaol: a rocky crag is their “beach”!

Among other things, being on top of the hill, it’s windy and rather cold. The weather is not the best, but the beach is practically deserted. Some shadows wanders through the woods, the equivalent of our dunes.

Among the rocks are some disposable aluminium grills, abandoned there. Fredrick tells me that over the weekend and especially when it’s a bit ‘warmer, this desolate place is full of people, because this is still close to civilization, but it still keeps a rural and natural setting. It appears  that the grills were abandoned, after organized picnics and barbecues with friends. Excluding the desert and the squalor of the shadows that seem to seek their prey like jackals; I must confess that it is not so bad, actually. You can see a beautiful view of the islands and Stockholm. I still, however, find it difficult to understand how they got wet and realized that their perception of a beach, is a bit different from ours.

I admired that scene and then I entered into the forest and the nature it has to show me, concentrating more on the beauty of the stream and the sunlight penetrating through the leaves, instead of the other “penetration”.
We took a walk on the marina and admired some sportsmen doing Kayaking. I think back to when I practiced kayaking in Copenhagen with my Danish friend Cecilia. I think it is a sport fairly widespread in the Scandinavian countries.

We came back home and we ate the supplì that I had made yesterday and the grilled salmon too. While Fredrick heated the food I used the washing machine and packed my suitcase. Tomorrow I leave; my trip to Scandinavia has come almost to the end.

I’m flying out tomorrow evening and so I took the chance to do a final round in Stockholm!

Translated by Peter Jamieson