65 euro = flight Stockholm-London

Free suitcase by British Airways ….

is cheaper than Ryanair




I’ve  just arrived in London, but already all sorts of things have happened.  First of all when I take my luggage I notice a crack: That  suitcase had made many trips, where the handles had disappeared, both lateral and frontal. It was still working, but when I had to lift it, it was always a problem, so I thought to buy another one in America.

Thanks to some rough handling in Sweden, the problem has been solved! In fact, going  through the office of inghilterrathe British Airways baggage claims, I pointed out the damage to a lass. I had heard that it was possible to

get a refund. The lady looking at the suitcase apologized  to me “Sorry. Sorry, ” as if that’s her fault;  studying the size of the bag, as if by magic, it brings up a bag like mine.

“Here we go!” Asking the ticket number and details about the cost and how long I had the suitcase.  Doing a quick calculation, more or less the cheapest  suitcase of this size, is 65 euro. I can say that it, as if I had travelled  free!

I like the British Airways even if the hostess looks like they comes from the British Museum!

Moreover,  I’m in London Heathrow and not in a low cost airport like Luton or Stansted. Instead of taking  the bus, which  costs 15 pounds,  I took the subway for 5 pounds,  saving  three times the amount. It was definitely cheaper than Ryanair!

To get to Alain, the man who was to host me during my stay in London, I just took the metro blue “Piccadilly Line” changed at Leicester Square and took the metro black “Northern Line”. In less than an hour I was at home. On the way, a girl looked curiously at me, particularly watching one of my suitcases, that had a logo of Paris. Curiously she asks me if I’m French. I explain that I’m Italian, but I come from Stockholm. She looked at me confused, so I explained my trip. She admired me, although some confusion still wanders in her mind. london_tubeHer curiosity was because she was translating  from French to English. We made  a friendship while traveling by tube to Leicester Square, then we went on our separate ways.

Translated by Peter Jamieson