Couch Surfing in London

4382465-auto-giocattolo-su-mappa-stradale-di-gran-bretagna-londra-a-fuocoWhen I go out at the tube station Alain told me to take one bus, it’s just 3 stops, and I can also walk, but I have luggage and I prefer to wait for the bus … I have just to understand the stop and especially the way!

I could ask anyone, but unfortunately the late time doesn’t allow me to choose. I ask a man who is half drunk, and even he knows exactly where it is!

I can understand the direction and get on the red bus. I ask the driver where to get off, by reading the instructions that Alain had given me: Lambeth Cemetery. The driver doesn’t know where it is, it seems as if he doesn’t understand, then he ignores me completely, and we complain of Roman drivers! I sit next to a girl who attended the scene and she asks me where I’m

going. She began to speak Spanish, but when I realize that she’s Italian too, and we both start to speak london busItalian! The girl with a northern accent, told me that close to where she lives there is a cemetery, and probably that’s where I have to get off.  I hope so, because it is almost  01 a.m. and I haven’t any idea

where I am . I have been several times to London and I lived there for a couple of months, but this area is really unknown to me. I get off, with her wishing me the best of luck! I follow the instructions of the way, that I had written in my diary and finally come to a little green door. I ring the doorbell!

Alain welcomes me warmly, I apologize for the late time, but he tells me to not worry, that he was still awake and he was preparing a ginger infusion.

couchsurfing.org_Besides me, there is another Couch Surfer, Luciano from Mexico. Alain tells me that he tried to interact, but he doesn’t speak English and so it‘s a little bit difficult; he was yielding only grunts or monosyllabic answers. With me, he began to speak both English and Italian, because he had worked in Italy, in  the Piemonte  region. In fact, when he speaks Italian I can recognize  a Piemonte’s  accent. He shows me the couch where I am to sleep, but to be honest, the sofa is bigger than my bed at home!

Meanwhile I sip the infusion and we are chatting a little bit. I must confess that I am talkative , but Alain speaks more than me. I check  the clock and I realize that it’s 5 a.m! Alain calms me because it’s one hour behind and currently it is 4 o’clock. Even with an hour less, it is very late and only two days rest since I had planned an intensive enough  day tomorrow and will be able to see my friends in London; can I get up early?