Lost in London


280px-Brick_Lane_street_signsThe Latest famous words: I had to get up at 11:00 so I could go to the Brick Lane Gallery, and then be at lunch, 13.30 with a friend in Trafalgar Square and instead I got out of bed and  I looked at the clock: 13:00! Oh Shit!
Fortunately I hadn’t changed the time zone yet and so actually it was noon, but I had to postpone the gallery visit in the afternoon and hurry to be on time, at Trafalgar Square. I had an appointment with Franco, a friend of mine, originally from North Italy, Bolzano, but he has lived in Rome for a long time.
We should meet in Rome, when he returned, but fate happened, so that in the days when I decided to come to London and then set off for New York, he had chosen to spend a week in the English capital. It would have been a pity if we hadn’t been able to meet each other. From Trafalgar Square we moved to Soho, to a small restaurant;  cheap, but comfortable. The  Asian waitress who attended to us, was very kind. In theory, waiters should be kind. I worked as a waiter, too, but often in practice, there are snobby waiters, or often, even those who don’t care for you.

You have to be careful that they don’t throw on the baking dish. In this case, the Chinese girl was nice,


current job; he works for genetic diseases research. He is continuing to give us advice on books we should read. I like to talk about books and literature, and I must confess that from this trip, it is a little hard to talk about books because there are Italian authors or even international authors who are famous in Italy, but unknown abroad. I was happy to have met Franco and I’m sorry to have had little time, but unfortunately I had another appointment with Giuseppe, another friend of mine, who left Rome and Italy, looking for his fortune here in London.

smiling and accurate without being too anxious! I take avocado with vinaigrette sauce with a chicken breast and salad, even if I steal some chips from Franco’s pot . We start the conversation, by talking  about his

We gathered in Covent Garden, and from there I escorted him to where he works.  After seeing it, we looked for the Brick Lane Gallery. From what I have heard from the website the area “Brick Lane” is a place full of restaurants, cafes, galleries; an artistic quarter, compared more or less, to be like the Pigneto area in Rome. Honestly, in the three months I lived in London I’d never heard of it, but it is comforting  to know, that even Giuseppe hadn’t heard, of it either!!

iphone mapsNew technologies can still save our lives. He takes from his pocket the Iphone and  we see where the gallery is; we have a path, and we will arrive in a heartbeat! Of course, you can have all the latest  technology, but if there is no sense of direction, or if you missed the first day of the school where
the teacher explained where are the right and left … the Iphone is useless!
We arrived in a neighbourhood that looked like the Bronx: degraded buildings and a crowd of Indians and Arabs;  who pointed  their eyes to our bags, as if they were a woman’s ass!

After searching exasperatedly  this way, and despite the Iphone, we then asked someone. If they stopped and  answered us, it was with enigmatic expressions; as if they had never heard of the place.
Suddenly, looking at his watch, Giuseppe tells me that is 5.30 and  that he must be at work as soon as possible, so he tries to explain the way that the Iphone  shows us. After passing several basketball courts and parks filled with people who do drugs, I see in the distance the word Brick Lane!