Travelling by Aircanada

Air_CanadaThe plane is huge!  The first class has a seat that extends to a bed, including kimono, slippers and a blanket. The second class is divided into 3 lines: my place is near the window. It ‘s my favorite place, I can see the plane taking off, I leave behind, Europe!

I take a deep breath,  dismiss the anxiety from my mind, then wait for the lunch. I choose the movie to watch: The last film of the  saga Underworld.

Meanwhile, the hostess goes to serve lunch: coleslaw, chicken with potatoes and for dessert a cookie with a glass of wine. The girl next to me, a little bit nerdy in style, barely  eats,  leaving the biscuit and potatoes. I look at her, a bit sad, maybe nostalgic. Out of the corner of my eye,  I see a Canadian passport; perhaps she was on holidays and she’s sad to have to come home. Or maybe her boyfriend is in London and this is sad for her too.

It’s interesting to imagine the lives of people. When you take the plane there is always a change in your life,business aircanada and you allow people, sometimes for a short time, others for a period not yet fixed, others maybe not will never meet again, into your life.

It’s sorrowful to think, that maybe that girl, so delicate, probably smart, is now my travel companion for 8 hours.  After the trip, I  probably won’t ever see her again. She made a brief appearance into my life, during my trip.

After the movie I’m curious to watch the C but after half an hour I get bored and change the film. While I take my coffee,  I see “This Means War.” It’s the story of two CIA spies who compete for the same girl. I have a look and  I see that I am  in tune with my neighbor, who is watching the same movie, she watched in my screen and smiled me, so I reciprocate the smile without saying anything, and I remain silent throughout the journey, exchanging only a few smiles as the film shows.

this means warShe falls asleep, listening to music.  I take this opportunity to see “Mirror Mirror.” I had seen it at an Italian cinema just before leaving. But a review  since, made me better understand the American humor, the  quotations in the original language … and a bit sorrowful! I think back a bit to that night at the movies.  I think back to my friends, whom  I have left behind.  I think about the guy I saw that movie with.  To be honest I would like it if he could be here to share these experiences with me, from the small, simple everyday moments like seeing the film in its original language, to discover a continent that is different from ours; especially to share all my first times.

Many people believe that the eight hours of flight are too many, but for me, the hours really “fly away”,  bandiera_canadabetween writing, reading and watching movies. Coffee was being delivered with a vegetarian roll, when   the captain made an announcement,  and he mentioned  that in less than 45 minutes we would  be in Toronto and our flight position was shown on the main screen.

In addition, he explains instructions for those who must stay in Toronto or Canada and for those who will go on to the United States. I follow the instructions carefully: passengers continuing on to  the United States, instead of going through the normal customs, must go to a special customs: the U.S. custom. You must take your own luggage and they will make a further check. They make you really feel like a terrorist.

I feel  the plane landing, I’m in AMERICA!