Back in the ’60s with the airplane with the propeller!

elica x toronoI breathe freedom after the apparent imprisonment. I see from the windows outside of the airport, it’s a wonderful time. It seems as if the time has gone back. It was the 11am when I left London and I arrived at noon! Seems as if time had stood still while the plane carried on. Yes I know, about jet lag, but if you realize that it is still  the same day, it is awesome! It was as if I had recovered half a day of my life. The flight to Newark is 17.30 and despite all that time at customs, I realize I have more time available.

I do a tour of the airport, being still in the limbo part of my trip. I can already


see the differences between the European and American culture. A man is getting his shoes polished  in a store. It seems to me archaic. The shoeshine people; I saw them only in movie history. The airport looks very small, even the duty free was not very big, and the places to dine, I can count or on the fingers of one hand,so I walked to my gate, until  I finally ended up in the wing, opposite to where I was before, we are the last gates, including my own, the penultimate one. Once minute I am in Canada and then I‘m heading  to be in Texas:

The passengers are a bit sloppy, tired from the trip and some really dress in the style  of  a cowboy, from the Wild West. I take the opportunity at this time to write in my diary until  they announce my flight. This is also a code sharing flight  but the company is unknown to me: Airflot!


As soon as I can get on the plane I start  paying attention to the propellers which seem to belong to the First World War! The fear I had before, not being able to take this plane, is now being replaced in my having to take it! I walk, scared as if climbing  battered ladders, leading  to the gallows. It’s the first time I have a fear of flying, it has never happened before. This time the stress shows and I take long breaths; as I thought about  what the future holds for me! I completely replace this with a more serious thought: ” But I’ll have A FUTURE ”

The aircraft continues the feeling of being back in time, with the difference that the first was due to the jet lag, but now we are talking about 50 years back! Moreover in keeping with  the 60’s style of the aircraft , people dress in a country style, not like the youth, who flaunt the fashion of their youth. Although this time I’m in the middle of the plane and the propeller which gave me the first hint of concern, presents itself to me right in front of me; like  Nostradamus sneering at my fate!


It takes off and after a few minutes, the hostess passes out coffee and tea. I take my coffee though I thought that I should take a sedative instead!  In flight the fear vanishes, thankfully! The plane flies at low altitude but also thanks to this, you can see the valley of lakes, the green areas, looking so sharp and burning; thanks to the wonderful day.

I decide to finish writing, but I am hooked on the landscape, the contrast of the blue lakes, rivers, and the green of the trees, still unripe. I reproach myself for  my initial prejudice towards the plane. I look fascinated at that propeller; that I can now compare it with a vintage propeller.

I enjoy every single moment, and I don’t notice that we’ve  arrived until the wheels of the airplane,  touch the ground.

I’m officially in New York!