Pilgrimage to Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridgeMEI have an appointment with Neil at 5 p.m. so I decided to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. I read in a magazine I bought at the London Airport, that Brooklyn is the new artists’ district. In fact, in May, the New York Photo Festival was held in the Dumbo area. The walk over the bridge becomes a pilgrimage!

I don’t really think that I took one hour to do this. My kind of bridges can be Ponte Milvio in Rome, Pont Neuf in Paris or Tower Bridge in London, bridges that are covered in 10 minutes, if you want to enjoy the scenery! We must also be careful we don’t get confused between the pedestrian lane and the bike lane, because the bikes whizzing along on the bridge, are like missiles. It’s the first time I’ve  seen the Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s familiar. I think of all the comedies where they crowned the love scene on that bridge. Meanwhile I walk, feeling thirsty in the sun.

kate&leopold I think of Meg Ryan in the movie “Kate and Leopold” where she’s launched to go back in time, or a more recent film, like “Sex and the City,” where Miranda meets with her Steve. These romantic scenes  bring me a certain melancholy, just like in the terrace  in London, although to be honest, it’s much harder, but I guess “My Steve” – I expect to see on the other side of the bridge, him hugging me, reassuringly saying that ‘ I love you forever’ … the effect of isolation is starting to have an effect on me!!

Turning around, I see the skyscrapers far away, and the green parks, become more and more familiar in front of me. I find a free bench so I give myself a break, even on the deck, trying to document the history, but first of all,  I take off  my socks and shoes;  giving relief to my feet!


The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the symbols of the historic city of New York. It was opened in 1883 on the East River, by the project engineer John Roebling, and it connected  Brooklyn with Manhattan. At the time of its opening, it was the largest suspension bridge and the first to be made of steel. An anchor to the other  Brooklyn Bridge, is 1091 meters long. It is characterized by two towers that support a central span of 486 meters long and by an anchoring system with steel cables. The two towers are made of two twin Gothic arches, each 83 meters high, to represent the input ports and output from Manhattan and Brooklyn. Originally, the bridge was crossed by two outer lanes for cars, two intermediate for the cabins of the cable car and the center lane overpass for pedestrians.

The new technique allowed construction work to achieve maximum visibility and international fame at the endbrooklyn bridge of the nineteenth century. Even today it is one of the architectural masterpieces of New York and well known in the world. The view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the banks of the East River is probably the most popular picture taken by tourists visiting New York. The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, in its last 20 years, was not without serious tragedies. Twenty workers lost their lives. The designer himself, John A. Roebling died from a fall from the ferry, during the initial phase of the work. The task to build the bridge was taken over by his son, Washington Roebling, who was more fortunate than his father.  He sufffered from partial paralysis during work on the site. A black cat crosses the road, you certainly hope it brings more luck!

Honestly, after all this pilgrimage, and especially reading the misfortune that has caused me to prefer the one on my left, the Manhattan Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge from where you can see it looks exactly how a postcard would look. However, the Manhattan Bridge has an interesting history, it had been designed as a traditional wire-cable suspension bridge and used only by trains. In 1901, Gustav Lindenthal, the commissioner of the newly formed New York City Department of Bridges, presented plans for the Manhattan Bridge Project (originally called “Suspension Bridge No. 3”), which was to connect the Bowery and Canal Street in Chinatown with Flatbush Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn.

At first, I’d love to walk barefoot, like I was on the sea shore, but I realize that although this  is a liberal country, it is always better to be civil. I feel like a baby when they are taking their diaper, and he is happy, he feels his ass that’s free and happy. Then, as the mother has to put the clean diaper on, even I have to slip on my socks with shoes.

Damn civilization!