DUMBO, searching exhibition spaces in Brooklyn

dumboRecently in Brooklyn,  the new Cruise Terminal in Red Hook, which will allow thousands of new visitors to discover the Big Apple, was opened. From the new terminal in Red Hook, entertainment places and the beaches of Coney Island, can now be visited. Brooklyn is a national and international destination, not to be missed by anyone visiting New York. ” The new cruise terminal in Brooklyn was opened on April 15th and will become the door ” – access to New York City for thousands of cruises every year.

The Red Hook Terminal is located in the southwest of Brooklyn, a district that offers many different attractions, night and day. The Valentino Pier Park and the walk on Beard Street Pier is the ideal starting point for exploring Brooklyn, from which magnificent views over the bay of New York and the Statue of Liberty, can be had.  The neighborhood where I am, is called DUMBO. The association of Jumbo in Gran Canaria, made me think of a huge building where  there  could be exhibition spaces, and instead it  is a real district. I always forget that Brooklyn is a not  neighborhood like in Rome! The term DUMBO, among other things, is an acronym for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” It is the fast-growing district stretches from one side of the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge to  the other between the area east of the Manhattan Bridge and the area of Vinegar Hill. Traditionally a haven for artists, thanks to its low rents, the area has been recently moving more towards middle-class, with the consequent rise in prices. However, the district was able to maintain its bohemian atmosphere and the experimental spirit. (although not necessarily inhabited by starving artists). In the past, it was full of construction sites and warehouses turned into wonderful lofts and creative spaces, where craftsmen and independent artists,  produced pieces of furniture and  creative clothing. It overlooks the East River. Fortunately, it is close to where I need to be , so  I won’t be too late.

DumboArtsFestival_ArtistHudak_E_Rendering_460x285I look at the Brooklyn Bridge from below.  It’s  the best view you can enjoy, from what I read.  Fulton Ferry and the Empire-Fulton State Park, are named  in honor of Robert Fulton, who in 1814 opened a transport service on a steamboat from a pier  that still exists. But even though it is famous, my emotions are different. I feel that the bridge; as if it was  a wing of protection, an imposing symbol, known worldwide, that protects me from the scorching rays of the day, that restores me in its shadow.  I feel so peaceful.  The streets in DUMBO, sometimes empty, sometimes loops with people who wear eccentric clothes, or who knows where they keep their pipe sketches. With the desire to discover Brooklyn, it totally made me forget why I came. So by looking at the time,  I decide I can still  take a trip to Jay Street, where you actually see quite a few shops that deal with photography, but many are private offices.  So where are the properties  of the photographers, thus don’t accept competitors.

A little bit disappointed, I decided to finish walking on the road and I take the metro, but at the very end of the street,  I pay attention to a pub, where I see pictures with tags; so I suppose  that they are on exhibition, and maybe also for sale. Entering, this question is answered as I read it beside the photo; the size, the artist and the price. There were few people in the pub.  I see the bartender, a blonde woman in her forties, who cleans the bar, looking  a bit bored, so I go direct to her.dumbo-arts-festival

She gives me the flyer of the pub and she writes the number of the room on the back. “Steve West is the man in charge of  organizing the exhibitions, you’ll find him after 6 p.m. call him!” she says, making her  debut with a sexy tone and a bit ‘provocative as if it were one of those rings. I wanted to say that she could make a career in dell’HOTLINE, but probably she wouldn’t have understood  the compliment!

It’s 4.30 p.m.  and I must hurry. As I climb in meters,  I think I have to buy an American sim card as soon as possible. I’m terrified that if I’m late- then  I think that if I stand him up and he goes away,  I therefore remain without a place to stay.

The subway runs on one of the bridges and I can see the skyscrapers close for a few minutes.  My thoughts come back to Manhattan!