Chelsea, the Artist Neighborhood

chelsea mapChelsea is a multi-ethnic area, in addition to being one of the gay neighborhoods, along with Greenwich Village, Soho, and Hell’s Kitchen, in particular on Eighth Avenue. For photographic exhibitions I was advised to ask their own in Chelsea, is still very much in vogue for art galleries, in fact there is even a school of photography.  I could see to the glass mirrors, a display of different themes: travel, people, animals, even different styles such as white and black, retro ; these displays are like a net, that give a separation between artist and artist. Here is no connection between them or a color in common, the difference in style is like a wall that separates each exposure, although they are in the same exhibition space. Appearing ‘ a little shy’, I ask to the doorman if it is possible to make use of that space, but unfortunately it’s just dedicated exclusively to students. To help me, he gave to me, a magazine, which shows where there are all the artistic innovations, in the area.

I look up the area, I read that Hillary and Bill Clinton fell in love with this neighborhood to the point of call so their daughter.

The Chelsea neighborhood includes the 14th to 29th, and at the heart of these roads, in 23th is the historic Chelsea Hotel, which has been hosted, among others, cUnfortunately this hangout for bohemian Manhattan was crushed by the costs of maintenance. Bob Dylan owes its name to the poet who had died an alcoholic at the Chelsea Hotel, Dylan Thomas. Even Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs sprouted right there, to visit Herbert Hunke, the toxic and thief who had inspired Howl by Allen Ginsberg:

chelsea hotel

Even Robert Mapplethorpe, who had admired the Fotografiska in Stockholm, had stayed here, and like him even Andy Warhol.

In 1884, when it was built, it was the tallest building in Manhattan and then in the world, a huge towering luxury condominium there in that border the city and outside the confines of Dowtown – from Wall Street to Washington Square to the Village – it was discovering metropolis. Only years later, in 1905, the building was transformed into rich hotel. And only years after the rich hotel finally declined: in order to rise in myth.

Chelsea is perhaps the world capital of art galleries. I read amazed that there are well over 500 concentrated in a neighborhood of size rather limited compared to the size of New York. They moved here from Soho, until the beginning of the 90s the center of the New York art scene, especially driven out by high rents. A Chelsea galleries have been one of the engines of the transformation of an industrial neighborhood in one of the most successful urban planning experiments of the city: the abandoned warehouses factories have been transformed into spaces of great beauty, ranging from the most famous names such as Gagosian and names now historical Chelsea-New_York_Citybut more niche in small spaces of 40 square meters on the tenth floor of a building (there are almost fully leased buildings in tunnels). Sometimes the spaces candid and great works of art bring awe, but the welcome is very friendly in general everywhere. Of course purchases are only for those who can afford them: the works of lesser known artists start at $ 3,000 minimum and this figure is multiplied easily for 10, 50, 100 for the most famous artists.

Spend a day in Chelsea is like passing it to the Moma, if not even more interesting, because here you can see the art of the time and the dialogue between the various tunnels. It ‘sa habit throughout the Big Apple to do a walk through the galleries in free time. After touring several galleries, and to those who have had exorbitant prices and other exclusive rights to famous artists, I stop at a bench under a tree, enjoying a little ‘shadow waiting for 19.00.



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  1. Enjoyed looking at this, very good stuff, appreciate it. “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.” by Euripides.


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