Greenwich Village, the vintage in the Stonewall period

greenwichAs if it was a scaffold, I cautiously open my mail: – the message said –‘Fabio, I waited for an hour and now I’m back home!’ – Oh Shit! Now what?

Ok, if we are calm with sincerity, we can solve anything, I thought.


Subject: Sorry, je suis desolé, Lo siento, ik ben droevig, Sono spiacente, Perdóname!

(Mention Madonna, can relieve and always makes sure u effect!)



A strange thing happened, today. I bought a sim card for the phone. Below your address there was a phone number and I thought it was yours. When I showed up to the appointment, I realized that it was another guy.

Honestly, I’m mortified with discomfort and I’ve made a hole. I wish you can forgive me, it’s Saturday night and it’s only 9, you wanna hang out?

SORRY AGAIN!madonna-sorry

Knowing that Sid is on line, I answered after 5 minutes, saying that I believe him, and there is no problem. Dinner time has already past, so maybe we can go to some party !

I approve, so I do not think there are problems for Neil, and then I will not be very late.In fact I try to suggest to him, that he comes too, but he replies that he is tired, but I have to take advantage of the Saturday night and not stay at home.

With Sid, we meet at Greenwich, from there,we then decide whether to go to dance or have a quiet drink. Neil was asking if I’d already eaten. Apart from the watered down coffee, I have not eaten anything, so we go out to go to the supermarket to buy something for dinner. I still remember a scene from the series ‘Sex and the City,’ where Carrie, at the beginning of the episode, says that New York is the city that never sleeps, which is open 24 hours on 24, except his dry cleaner. I ask Neil if the supermarket is already closed, given that it’s already past 9.

‘ Oh Baby, supermarkets are open 24 hours on 24’! – In his tone I imagine even the quote to Laurel “stupid”! Buy a baguette, tomato and basil bruschetta …..! Fast, light, plus a nice piece of garlic to ward off those who bother me tonight, Neil YOU WON!

stonewall_innI take a quick shower and get dressed while I still wonder if he wants to come with us, as I see he is a bit bored in front of the TV. He smiles sweetly, confessing that on Thursday, he hosted another Couch Surfer until the small hours, and he’s still paying for the excesses of his wild night!

We check in to Greenwich Village, and as soon as I see Sid, the song “Sorry”, smiling forgive me: “With this little angel face, how can I not forgive you?” he confesses. We decide what to do for the evening -making this in two options: the Splash, which I vaguely remember the first time I was in New York, is the most well known gay nightclub in New York, but that now it is decaying, and the entry costs $ 20! So we opt for a room, a little ‘”vintage”, called ‘Monster’, where the entry costs $ 5, right in the Village, close to the famous Duplex bar.stonewall.imgcache.rev1267455190970

Right there, occurred the Stonewall riots, a series of violent clashes between homosexuals and police in New York. The first night of the riots was that of Friday, June 27, 1969 shortly after 1: 20 at night, when the police burst into the bar called “Stonewall Inn”, a gay bar on Christopher Street. “Stonewall” (as it is usually called in its short form) is generally considered to be a symbolic point of resistance, the time of the birth of the modern gay liberation movement in the world. For this reason, June 28 was chosen by the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) as the date of the “World Day of pride LGBT” or “Gay Pride”. The Stonewall riots began when the transsexual woman Sylvia Rivera, threw a bottle in protest, against a police officer.

Being in front of the cradle for gay pride has had a certain effect. People now walk through the streets, hand in hand, a young man gently kisses his companion, I see normalcy, freedom of expression. I note colossal differences, compared with the mentality in Italy. Perhaps we too are waiting for a Messiah, a compatriot Sylvia Rivera, who launches a bottle against the Pope?


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