Monster, a club in name and in deed

monster barEntering this establishment, catapulted me back to all the effects in the 70s! Paying $ 5 obviously has its disadvantages: the counter is an island in the room and it is full of mature people over 50, too ripe !! In a corner are a bunch of white heads, ultra seventies, dreamily singing the songs of their youth , next to a piano. We go downstairs, where the disco is and hoping that the people are younger, but it is a utopia we are looking for. Apart from us, probably the youngest is 50 years. A feeling that nevertheless , this manages to give a good idea of the time of Stonewall, probably because ofthese people, the will certainly lived.

Cube on the go go boy is an Hispanic boy, tonnage robust, but more of that muscle has a softer shape, with the belly like an alcoholic, certainly unusual for a go go boy, closer to the paninari ( sandwich seller) who is out of the club. In addition, his face gives me a vulgar and sleazy impression, in perfect harmony with the locals. Now I understand why it’s called Monster! If you wanted to avenge, Sid has succeeded very well, but when I look, I see that you feel a little ‘guilty for the evening so I try to dance to the strange music of the 70s, with the hope that sooner or later the DJ will play something newer, even 90s, Spice Girls or Britney Spears, monsteror a song of vintage Madonna or Cindy Lauper. I try to remember some timeless sonsg of the ’70s that still feels like I am in a club, but unfortunately the songs that I listen to , are totally unknown . I go to the DJ and with gentle eyes, wonder if can play a few songs, like Lady Gaga or Madonna, at least. He nods, but I do not think he has really understood, so after half an hour of seeing the “zoo” in New York, and the disgusting scene of an old man,who put a dollar in his pants for the go go boy and making sure he puts it well down, by tapping the pack as if it would bring good fortune, we leave the dancefloor. It was 3 a.m. but the New York subway is a 24 on 24, it’s the city that never sleeps, says Carrie, but I start to feel sleepy. Sid asked me to come and see the apartment ; refusing politely, telling him I will come directly tomorrow afternoon, so I write the way along the route of the meter until you get to my stop.


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  1. roberta ha detto:

    bel servizio, da provare, complimenti per il blog 😉 Continuo a seguirvi, aspetto con ansia nuovi aggiornamenti!!

  2. alessandra ha detto:

    Grazie all’autore del post, hai detto delle cose davvero giuste. Spero di vedere presto altri post del genere, intanto mi salvo il blog tra i preferiti.


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