Jogging in Central Park


DSC01784I wake up and I’m looking forward to jogging in Central Park, as  I  have seen in the American movies. The Central Park is in front of me and attracts me; it seems like it is saying, “What are you waiting for?”

I go out, just to take a coffee from a stand to wake up  better and come home,  just to check quickly, the e-mail box. The day I met the`Vanity Smurf” who was not/ altogether vain, for while he had locked himself in prayer to Good/God Shopping, I rummaged among the events flyers, and the advertising of what would  happen this week, as the 23rd  there will be Gay Pride in New York and we are officially in the week “Pride”. Among the many flyers I had noticed that a gym offered a personal trainer to work out for a week for free. So I sent him an e-mail for information and to see if there was opportunity to participate. This morning  I received  the confirmation of availability and the appointment is in in front of Strawberry field in West Central Park. Even if we go this evening, and it is  held in a gymnasium,  I need to just enjoy Central Park like a good New Yorker! I put on my shoes and hat, I take a bottle of water and I set off towards the park. Central Park is the green lung and the center of Manhattan. In fact, it stretches from 110th Street, where it is called Central Park North, south by 59th Street and Central Park South, on the west by Central Park West and on the east by Fifth Avenue.DSC01793

In 1844 William Cullen Bryant had the idea to create an area of public green for everybody. Before he was able to achieve his project, he had to meet with the city administration and face the lobby of  builders, who wanted to prevent its realization, as it meant, if his idea proceeded, they would be denied valuable space for construction. However Central Park was inaugurated in 1875, which presented itself as a peaceful country house hotel, set in a city already so populated  The designers succeeded completely in their efforts to create a decidedly realistic place, so much so that in this place, there  were  the farms, and there were zones, reserved  for the sheep, places to graze.However, the credit for the survival  of Central Park is also due to the foresight of its designers and creators, who foresaw a series of roads, at a lower level, and seamlessly integrated with the whole, that crossed the park, allowing auto traffic.

DSC01786I see the track where people start running,  and then  I start my jog. The things are a little different from the movies- usually you see the beautiful half-naked boys or fit girls whizzing with their blonde ponytail. Instead, close to me, arrived a lady – both athletic and boastful- her appearance  was like she was  a marathon runner, head high and determined to reach her goal, with  her wrinkles and white hair hidden by a cap, revealed her age, to probably be in the sixties!

But I said to myself that I didn’t come to pick up, but for the lungs to breathe in New York, thus I continued my journey without a destination,  making me drag my eyes from the bridges, and other sights, and immerse myself in some secluded alley, where I could enjoy even more, breathing the scent of leaves, the smell of grass until I stumbled in the middle of the park. I decided to stop in front of a bridge, to  regularize my   breathing, stretch my hands up and lean on the bridge for more stretching. I have a break there and I capture the whiteness of that bridge that connects  – what a small river, now almost dried up. Then  a complex of buildings and terraces, and a reproduction of a medieval castle. Near the castle I read a sign that says ” Belvedere Lake ” on whose banks I see the cherry trees that accompany the trail. I resume the running,  penetrating  in a fast lane for runners, which is between the park and the lake. I run for twenty minutes. I notice the waving of the wind through the branches of trees, against the muggy weather of the late morning, compared to the pleasure of  waving the palm of  my own hand to get some ‘air´ due to the muggy weather.DSC01819

I stop in front of a red brick path and I find myself a flight of stairs that lead me to the fountain in Central Park. I think I ‘m  at the 72nd Street. The public fountain is still in operation, it´s the oldest in the city. In the central part of the fountain is the statue “Angel of the Waters” , which dates back to the nineteenth century. Around the fountain some athletes run up and down the stairs quickly for their daily exercises,  and then stretching. Mostly there are tourists who sit on the edge of the fountain while enjoying the sun, eating an ice cream or hot dogs.

DSC01801I do stretching, and  I admire and I am thrilled by the  fountain. Forty minutes of running is enough, if you count what I will do tonight, when I will do other exercises, so I come back home. Strolling through the park, unaware of where exactly 96th street is. I try mostly to find the exit and get out in front of the Natural History Museum  on the 81th street. Just opposite, I take a cup of coffee and a  donut from a little stand,  enjoying every single street until I  get to the 96th. Shower and I’m ready for a new day to discover New York!



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