I’m sorry but at 11.00 p.m. the Takeaway is closed!



If you are going to order

Takeaway food in New York

Order it before 11.p.m.


ritardiAt 9.30  I shower and then have a quick chat with Sid.  I arrive at Michael’s house at 10:30 pm, an hour late! Despite my incurable lateness, he welcomes me with open arms.  I know him through Couch Surfing too and he’s excited to have an Italian in the house, because he often travels in Italy and Italy is his favorite country. He has a branch in Milan and a house in Tuscany, where he asked me to go when we both come back to Italy.  He uncorks a bottle of white wine, strictly Italian in my honor, and shows me his house. My mouth drops open: a New York design throughout, white walls, white floors and hairy rugs. Not to mention the veranda where you can admire Highway Chelsea and skyscrapers.Chinese-takeaway-food-001

He tells me about his travels in Italy, at the same time I tell him about my travels and I can feel the admiration I have for him. After devouring the pistachios and finishing up a whole bottle of wine, we decide to eat something, but like all New Yorkers his fridge is empty!  Michael opens a drawer, which carries all the brochures for takeaways in the world: Pizza, Sushi, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, etc. .

He asks me what my favorite food is, but I let him decide, as long as it is not Italian. Recalling once again in ‘Sex and the City’ where Carrie says that New York is the city that never sleeps, unfortunately it does not count now as its dying when you consider the various takeaways! Almost all the takeaways close around 11p.m., with the result that no one answers the phone. Let’s try all the Chinese or Japanese restaurants, I suggest;, but no one answers. Let’s try the Mexican, where time is prolonged, closes at midnight, but unfortunately no one answers the phone. Our stomachs are seriously grumbling about having no food. After calling Indian Turkish, Greek and Lebanese restaurants and various pizzerias, we hear a “Hello!” It’s a Hamburger restaurant!  Without thinking a lot, we order burgers and fries and cheesecake!

take awayThe bellboy arrives after about fifteen minutes and in the first minutes there is a pleasant silence where you only hear the fragrant chips being devoured. The sandwich instead, we taste more calmly, savoring the guacamole sauce and bacon. Michael confessed to me that even though we had to divide the cheesecake, he is already full and would prefer to try the cheesecake later. I’ll have to make this sacrifice! Meanwhile, Michael uncorks another bottle of wine. So this made me be more sociable and talkative as I admired the breathtaking views. Two in the morning came up so fast and so I  staggered back to the Upper West Side, a little ‘tipsy’, but fully satisfied with the pleasant evening.



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  1. uniroma ha detto:

    Questo ragazzo è semplicemente affascinante! Lo raccomando a tutti!!

    1. Fabio Chiarini ha detto:

      Wow ;)grazie;)


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