Sunflowers, Starry Nights and cypresses, in the company of Vincent

I have terrible need of religion. 

Then I go outside in the night to paint the stars

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent_Willem_van_Gogh_128  In conclusion, of the artists of the nineteenth century, Van Gogh’s  self-portrait is placed in the center of the hall and is hung on the walls as usual; as if the artist had approached us and was there by our side, giving us a commentary on his work. His cypress, which according to his way of thinking, represented a great proportion of the Egyptian obelisks, and his sunflowers. Vangogh selfportraitBy now the cypresses and sunflowers are part of Van Gogh. In this picture, what  we see seems to fluctuate; how to perceive the wind that stirs the petals and cypress branches. For a moment a shiver passes down my back. It was the thrill of seeing before me, a work that is in the books of art from around the world. Also this tells me, because his name is inextricably linked to the Van Gogh sunflowers. This flower had a special meaning for him: the yellow represents friendship and hope, as his own blossom symbolizes “friendship and gratitude.” This is the most famous among the many paintings of sunflowers that Van Gogh created in 1888. Despite the yellow background of the painting,  presenting  a uniform texture, it actually has a particular plot and unusual broad strokes, horizontal and vertical cross like a wicker basket. The background is then divided by the table, to dark orange, marked by a blue line.  He worked quickly, as the sunflowers wilted quickly, causing the fall of the petals and exposing a huge amount of seeds. Their color, a dark orange and their round,  compact shape, contrast with the shape of the flowers, frayed and painted with fluid brush strokes. Finally I see  in front of me,  one of the most visionary paintings of Van Gogh, showing great strength and intensity with the deep and personal way in which he perceives and interprets nature, projecting his own feelings about the things he sees around him. The Starry Night. It was painted  in 1889 during the artist’s stay at the nursing home  at St. Remy. During this period, VanGogh-starry_night_ballance1Vincent  abandoned the Christian faith, but he wrote that he had a ” terrible need – of religion – then he goes outside in the night to paint the star”. No one before him had represented so strongly, the sense of majesty and mystery of the universe. The sky, the stars, the crescent moon are joined by a wave-like motion that involves the viewer in a remarkable ecstatic scene.  Though the work   is seen as a  poignant, irresistible momentum of the artist, it is a framework long studied. Even the trees silhouetted against the sky are designed to give the composition a balanced development. DSC01965I turn next to Vincent, now that we have become friends,  I look pleased with that red beard, as if it tells me. “You should go outside sometimes in the night, watching the stars!”


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  1. lotusprins ha detto:

    I love this art and a lovely blog on these monumental paintings of Van Gogh!

    1. Fabio Chiarini ha detto:

      HI Lotusprins

      I’m glad you like my blog and my post!
      Keep on follow me;)

      1. lotusprins ha detto:

        Hi Fabio, Thank you, I will follow you!


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