“Every meeting, every moving,

Let to the traveler some sign more or less deep or Incounscious”,

Matteo Pennacchi –

 Il Grande Sogno, il viaggio del mondo senza soldi e senza bagagli

August 18th 2000. I saw that book in the library and the title made me suddenly some curiosity, above all because I loved to travel, even I was 14 yo and I didn’t have experience about travels.

As long as the end the month I have already read the book and since that moment I started to dream to travel around all over the world.

In twelve years I borrow that book almost ten times  above all when I scared to face some travel.

One day I think I’ll buy this book, if I found  in some library or in a three euros stand. It will be my amulet.

Actually this time, that I’m doing to do this crazy thing I’ have it in my hands and I read it again, for  disappear anxious that follow me in all my travels, I wish it give me the courage to let all, again, and make this trip the possibility to find chance. 

This week I’m stay abroad for two months, but I’m not remain in the same country. I start to travel around the Scandinavia, my first Stop: OSLO.

Tomorrow will be the day X, wakeup call at 4am and flight at 6.40am.

I went to the hair dress and I cut my hairs,  I blocked my car insurance and I still heard in my minds the words of the secretary which warn to me that if I blocked I can’t use the car until 3 months.. I HOPE SO.
After I’m going for two days in London for going to New York. I bought the first ticket with Ryan Air for Oslo and I’m going to stay for two days and one night, then I’m going to Sweden for two weeks and I shared Stockholm, Uppsala and Helsinki.

I put into my bag the necessary, even with my forex photos I arrive to fifteen kilos: two jeans, two t-shirt, 2 tank tops, 1 cardigan and one pullover, one jacket, 2 shorts, socks and boxer for one weeks, 2 shirt for any special occasion ( we don’t know), swimwear, camera, Aspirin, all the kit for the personal hygiene, mobile phones and book ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

I choose other the “Grande Sogno” by  Matteo Pennacchi the East US Tourist Guide and my book then I wrote, so my friends could see my book.

Anxiety, Anxiety, Anxiety, but also excited and a lots of ideas about my american projects, but for the instance I let you a little bit of suspense.

I received emails and text messages where one suppose that I’m hyper rich because I’ll do this trip.

Actually I found flight really convenient : the flight to Oslo I paid only 46 euro with Ryan Air, luggage included, From Oslo to Stockholm with the local company SAS, Scandinavian Airlines, I spent 75 euros ( compared to Fly be the low cost flights which I had to pay 76 euros) From Stockholm to London with British Airways I paid only 65 euro, compared to Ryan air which without luggage  I had to pay 60 euros

The total price of the Scandinavian trip is 186 euros.

Anyone still think that I’m rich?

London – New York City go and return I paid 587 euros, the total that I paid at the moment it’s 770 euro.

Anyway I’ll report my dues about the trip adding to this, so we can see how much I’ll spend it!

Anyway I wait any suggestions, comments and answears from Italy and abroad and why not, if someone would help me about this crazy thing I’ll appreciate!

Fabio Chiarini


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  1. good article regarding, however! i don’t want to be so negative but i think that your site could look a little better if you had a bit of black in it 😛 No…, you won’t have to agree… this is merely my humble view. Thanks to the great post anyway! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. JasmineLive ha detto:

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!
    It’s the little changes that will make the biggest changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!


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